KEETRA DEAN DIXONIt's All Around You All The Time

Keetra Dean Dixon is a genuine source of wonder. Attracting the title of “Experiential Choreographer” you never quite know what to expect from this designer/artist. From exquisite typography to multi-media installations, her work guarantees delight.

Dean Dixon hails from Alaska, but currently resides in Brooklyn, New York. Increasing recognition of her talent, earned her the accolade of ADC Young Gun in 2008. In addition, her work is featured in the SFMOMA permanent collection and was included in the 2009 Presidential Inaugural Exhibition. Her show at KK Outlet will be her first solo exhibition.

The pieces on display aim to lift the lid on the fantasies we live out in our head and in our everyday lives. It’s All Around You All the Time, encourages the viewer to explore the ridiculous and lovely moments of a relationship. Willing Wonder, records the seconds of anticipation, vulnerability & splendor in a breath. The Anonymous Hugging Wall addresses an extreme longing to make a personal connection, combined with the fear of breaking social boundaries – simultaneously maintaining & stretching these boundaries. Other highlights include The Pleading Blanket and the Now Here/Nowhere Sleeping Bag.

In the same way Miranda July makes the emotionally vulnerable beautiful, Keetra Dean Dixon encourages us Brits to get in touch with ourselves, our loved ones and even random strangers in a way that doesn’t make you cringe. Wonderful!


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