KK Job Centre

KK Job Centre presents a selection of the best of this year’s graduate graphic designers and illustrators from across the United Kingdom all of whom are part of the Just Us Design Collective. The exhibition is designed as a kitsch job-centre, with tongue-in-cheek references to the social and economic problems associated with the current credit-crunch recession. All of this is a reaction to the student fears of finding jobs after graduating university.

The interior of KK Outlet will be transformed into a mock job centre with queues leading nowhere, disgruntled job seekers, a ticket machine to take your turn in the interview room, as well as a showcase for the members of Just Us Design Collective all of whom graduated this Summer from eight different institutions across the UK.

The exhibition will present a diverse range of disciplines and the best young designers from a number of different institutions, indicating current styles and approaches to design communication.

Every year KK Outlet makes its gallery space available to design and advertising graduates to present their work to a wider public. It comes as a response to the high prices of venues, and lack of availability for students to present their work.


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