Photographer Ewen Spencer’s most recent project explores what it means to be male in the 21st Century. Nearly all masculine youth trends are co-opted by commercial forces, repackaged and resold as marketing solutions. One group though, has defied market forces, and it is this, which interests him most – the modern dandy. Plucked, perfumed, tanned and trim, these effeminate, overtly vain male subjects are a heterosexual sub-culture that raises all sorts of questions about what it means to be a man in today’s environment.

Though firmly rooted in the chauvinistic attitudes of older male generations, they are thoroughly modern in their consumption of beauty products and rituals. They pluck, they tan, they wax, they apply make-up and obsess over clothes, yet they still chase skirt. This fascinating exploration looks at this masculine sub-culture through a microscopic lense, similar to the ones they use to scrutinize their pores and wrinkles.

Tipped by Martin Parr as the most promising newcomer in the pages of Vissionaire magazine, Ewen also gained a reputation for his work with bands such as The Streets and The White Stripes. Creating some of the most celebrated cover art over the last decade. Recent commissions have seen successful projects for Nike, Sony, Puma and Universal Music and most recently the karaoke campaign for T-Mobile. Ewen is also a regular contributor to C Photo in Madrid, The Fader magazine in New York and Numero in Paris.

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