Don’t let the name fool you, CUM* have more to offer than a raised eyebrow or two. The Belgium-based art collective have been making a name for themselves with their experimental mix of erotic street art.

Consisting of three artists, CUM* began life in 2002. Using their graffiti-art background they blitzed the backstreets of Ghent with punk inspired salacious posters. Building on themes of voyeurism, free internet pornography and pin up girls, Cum*’s first works took online porn out of our computers and unleashed it onto our streets. It was artwork built out of curiosity; CUM* just wanted to see how the public would react.

With their varied use of media, ranging from silkscreen to acrylic paint, CUM* have taken a tired art-form that lived and died by the spray-can stencil and given it a new pornographic life. Clearly their suggestive concepts are proving to be effective with companies such as Fontshop, Eskimo Records and Delvaux lining up to work with them, as well as exhibition across Europe and the USA.

KK Outlet will be showing a collection of new works with a huge splash of CUM*"S erotic exploitation humour. The exhibition will draw on their favourite themes of pornography, sexuality with a touch of vulgarity thrown in for good measure.


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