5.5 DesignersCloning

5.5 Designers will don their white coats and offer you the opportunity to experience the interactive process of having a product created based on your own biological data.

Cloning is a method of creating objects based on your own image, a way to offer unique, personalized products which are more emotionally engaging for the consumer. Ever been told you’ve got beautiful blue eyes? Have them immortalized in a unique lamp. Do you yearn for a pillow as soft as your stomach? No problem. Come along to Cloning and witness this ingenious project from 5.5 Designers.

The aesthetic of this collection is defined by the physical characteristics of your own body. Products are the result of a process which begins by taking data from your physical characteristics, the color of your eyes, of your hair, your height, and weight and using this data to change or personalize the product, making it as unique to you as your own fingerprint.


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