Damien Poulain

For KK Outlet, Poulain has created a series of exclusive original pieces, partly inspired by a visit to the Outsider Art Gallery in Lausanne, Switzerland. Here, Poulain found himself deeply impressed by a breed of art untouched by mercantile aims. The art gallery’s pieces – produced by self-taught artists, the mentally ill and members of society’s fringe – had a lasting impact on Poulain, who found their free-wheeling style and desire to innovate highly appealing. Working with the newly acquired instincts of an Art Brut creative, he was prompted to produce a whole range of unapologetically challenging works. Among these are a number of strange posters collected under the title Y.E.S. The images here are of currency denominations (a Euro sign, a dollar, the Yen) sculpted from what appear to be wine corks. Closer inspection reveals skull-like faces and leering demon heads engraved into each cork. The overall effect is of a bizarre, pagan sculpture, a monument to a deity as inscrutable as he is brutal. Of course, that deity is money, our society’s Number One God.


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