Thomas Mailaender

Mailaender’s “Acrobatic Squad” shows men risking life and limb in the name of fun. In each image, we see these somewhat unacrobatic looking acrobats striking posing atop their bikes, their faces tight with concentration. Their amateur choreography never lets you forget that this is a hobby, but a hobby undertaken with utmost seriousness.

As a bonus, KK Outlet also featured Thomas’ first foray into ceramics. These pieces are examples of what might be called Art Brut: wonky glazed vases adorned with strange photographs of battered and gurning faces. These odd images are off-set by trite patterns and garish colours.

Alongside his “Acrobatic Squad” series, Mailaender’s vases provide an insight into an artist amused by the humanity and absurdity of every day ambitions- whether that’s his own pottery or amateur motorcycle stunts.


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