The Book of EveryoneOnline film and launch

Everyone deserves a book with their name on the cover. And every one has the opportunity to publish their own book.

That’s the premise behind the exciting and innovative new book making service, The Book of Everyone.

KesselsKramer London worked with the Barcelona/London-based start-up to launch the site via strategic development, PR and online content.

Also, since one of the unique qualities of the Book of Everyone is that they work closely with artists and illustrators, KesselsKramer organised the launch event at its own gallery, where the likes of Damien Poulain, Jean Julien and Ian Stevenson created work based on a selection of the weirdly glorious and gloriously weird facts and stories straight from the book itself.

The launch was covered extensively in the creative press such as It’s Nice That, Creative Review, Design Week and We Heart.

Jean Jullien, The word Eco-Terrorist was added to the dictionary in 1980.
Tom Edwards, Egyptian Pharaohs were buried with 38 cats.
Damien Poulain, 25 - mph is the max ground speed of a wild turkey
Supermundane, You can store 1,000 terabytes of memories in your head