The Royalphabet

To celebrate the birth of the 3rd in line to the throne, KK Outlet has collaborated with illustrator Lee Boulton to create the first unofficial commemorative royal themed alphabet poster, to help the new baby learn his/her A to Z’s.

In every family there’s an embarrassing great-grandfather, an uncle who’s a loose canon and a set of crown jewels right? The ‘Royalphabet’ features 26 specially created illustrations, giving a succinct overview of the royal baby’s inherited history.

This specially commissioned A to Z is a celebration of all that is great and grotesque about our Royal Family in an easy to remember format for the young Prince/Princess.

A poster was delivered to St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington to pre-empt the birth, as a gift for the new Princess/Prince. The Mother was unavailable for comment.

SOLD OUT > This limited edition poster, priced £7 is available to buy at KK Outlet, 42 Hoxton Square, London, N1 6PB < SOLD OUT