Museum of LondonFATBERG!

In 2017, London welcomed its newest national treasure: a 130 tonne mass of congealed fat.

The infamous Whitechapel Fatberg, now a household name, is one of the largest ever discovered and has acquired a global cult following. The Museum of London instantly began the process of obtaining a segment of the monster for display.

After following the Fatberg’s journey from sewer to stardom we felt duty bound to give it the reception it deserved.

With a model cat, a few litres of custard and a gang of willing extras the KK team created, in-house, a series of short films in the style of a low budget horror movie. Each film tells the story of Fatberg, beginning with the public’s abuse of the sewage-system and ending finally with the Fatberg arriving at the Museum. Clips in between include a crowd of screaming running people, an unfortunate model cat fatality and Fatberg dwarfing the entire city of London.

To support the films, we designed a series of GIFs, a poster and a custom typeface made from ‘Fatberging’ the Museums house typeface.

You can find the full series on our Vimeo.