Museum of LondonChristmas Card

We created a series of Christmas cards for the Museum Of London. Focussing on Christmas traditions, we wanted to reflect on the diverse and individual traditions Londoners keep.

Working with photographer Annie Collinge we shot four different groups of Londoners for the series;

The Pelliccis, of café E. Pellicci in Bethnal Green who’ve been making their famous Christmas ravioli for the family each year since 1962.

Ebony Horse Club – a Brixton based charity that works with disadvantaged children and teenagers – host a Christmas show every year where their ponies take the leading roles.

Bisi Alimi an activist, actor and refugee who having spent many Christmases alone, together with his partner Anthony put out a social media invitation for the lonely to join them for Christmas in their own home.

And a group of over 100 goths, who for 12 years have met at the The Rochester Castle pub in Stoke Newington for their annual ‘Bleak Christmas’ gathering and sing megaphone hymns.

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