citizenMThe A-Z of London according to citizenM

When you’re new to a city it’s good to seek out a bit of insider knowledge and get grips with what’s what. For anyone new to London, citizenM are here to help.

To celebrate their new Shoreditch based hotel, citizenM teamed up with us (KK Outlet) and Animade to make the ultimate animated A-Z guide to London. Including the most iconic, lovable and annoying things about this great city they have created an interactive keyboard and film. Click on any of the keys at this site and up pops an animated short celebrating and satirizing the people and things that make London – London. Artisan coffee, city bankers hoovering up your cash, dodgy chicken shops, grime nights, nail bars, umbrella rage, world-class museums and X-rated bum tickles are all given a shout out and the collection ends on Zzzzzz – a good night sleep at citizenM. Like the best of British humour it’s self-depreciative and irreverent and manages to include the favourite topic of British conversation – the weather.

Click here to try out the interactive keyboard for yourself.