3 April 2017


Coming up in the gallery is ‘Overtime’ from Charlie Kwai. An observation of the cold, hard truths of working in the city and exposing the side effects of riding the highs and lows of the stock market, cutting deals and a lifetime of lunch at your desk. All of the photographs in the series were taken within London’s square mile. More Info

Will Sanders

13 March 2017


On Thursday 16th March, we will be holding the launch of Will Sanders new book FULL COLOUR.
Newspapers say we are entering a dark age. Political change, economical change and worst of all climate change. But if we look around the world doesn’t have to be as grey as we think it is. We still live in a world full of colour. With colourful landscapes, buildings and most important colourful people. After a successful crowdfunding campaign, the book is now OUT. More Info

Weapons Of Reason

7 March 2017


On Wednesday 8th March, we will be holding the launch of Weapons of Reason: The Power Issue.
Weapons of Reason articulates the global challenges facing our world, presenting the facts in a way that anyone can absorb. The goal of the magazine is not to provide answers, but instead to ask the right questions and leave the reader to connect the dots as they see fit. Most importantly, the aim of Weapons of Reason is to inspire and turn knowledge into action. More Info

Campbell Addy

17 February 2017


We’re very happy to be welcoming the work of Campbell Addy to our gallery. Throughout March Campbell will showcase Matthew 7:7&8, a personal collection of images that chart his journey from leaving his Jehovah’s Witness upbringing to coming out as a young gay man at 17. Since the departure from his religious background the scripture (Matthew 7:7&8) has resonated deeply with the photographer and is one that he comes back to as he navigates his way through his creative practice and finds his place in the world. It’s a fascinating exhibition from a fascinating and raw talent. More information here.