Nous Vous

18 December 2014


For KK Outlet’s inaugural 2015 exhibition, Nous Vous are showing off the fruits of their last six months; an unashamedly epic period of intense productivity. Cramming KK Outlet with new drawings, objects, visual research, ephemera, products, sounds and prints. More info here.

Mike Perry

22 October 2014


My Mother Caught Me Doodling is a new exhibition by prolific daydreamer Mike Perry that looks at the awe-inspiring naked female form. The show runs throughout November, more info here.

HORT 20th Anniversary

9 September 2014


This year the multi-disciplinary ideas playground that is HORT turns twenty! However instead of celebrating with a self congratulatory retrospective of their past work, they’re doing something a little different.To find out what they’re up to in our gallery space throughout September click here.