23 December 2016


This is the year everyone wants to see the back of.
To help celebrate and commiserate the passing of so many icons who meant
so much to so many, KK Outlet has commissioned a series of 22 photographs.
Find the full series at Stardust 2016

Ordinary #4

21 November 2016


Join us for the launch of Ordinary Magazine #4, and an exhibition looking back at the extraordinary work of its contributors. Ordinary is a fine art photography magazine that focuses on seemingly mundane everyday objects and turns them into something extraordinary.

Each issue revolves around one of these ordinary objects. All contributing artists are then given the object to work their magic with. For the most recent release a collection of brilliant artists have been brought together to celebrate the wonder of… the white sports sock. More info


25 October 2016


Join us on Halloween to explore the darker side of everyones favourite white goods: The Fridge. We will see bacteria bred from the fridges of celebrities and filmed content depicting the deterioration of food and drink inside and out of fridges. Dress code: Ghoulish. More info


30 September 2016


During October at KK Outlet we welcome a selection of A-list creatives to the gallery. Cut That Out is an exhibition of selected pieces from the book of the same name created by DR.ME. The book celebrates artists who are using collage to create beautiful and progressive work. More info