The Many Lives Of Erik Kessels

15 May 2017


Erik Kessels is a man of many obsessions – his main one being photography. If you’re ever lucky enough to be in his company he’ll no doubt show you his latest photography project or rare album find. His new book celebrates many of his projects in one place.More Info


3 May 2017


Founded in 2005 mono.kultur is an interview magazine dedicated to one conversation per issue and each feels as precious as the last. Within every edition readers are privy to fascinating conversations with innovative artists, designers, musicians and filmmakers. Join us for the Launch of Issue number 43 with Fatima Al Qadiri. More Info


3 April 2017


Coming up in the gallery is ‘Overtime’ from Charlie Kwai. An observation of the cold, hard truths of working in the city and exposing the side effects of riding the highs and lows of the stock market, cutting deals and a lifetime of lunch at your desk. All of the photographs in the series were taken within London’s square mile. More Info

Will Sanders

13 March 2017


On Thursday 16th March, we will be holding the launch of Will Sanders new book FULL COLOUR.
Newspapers say we are entering a dark age. Political change, economical change and worst of all climate change. But if we look around the world doesn’t have to be as grey as we think it is. We still live in a world full of colour. With colourful landscapes, buildings and most important colourful people. After a successful crowdfunding campaign, the book is now OUT. More Info