Lakwena Maciver

11 July 2017


Times of great political unrest forever inspire impactful responses from artists. London-based artist Lakwena Maciver meets the uncertainty and negativity of the current political and social climate with a hugely optimistic and hopeful new body of work. Under the name, The Future’s Gold, Lakwena has created a series of paintings that give hope for a better future and a better government. More Info

For Iraq and Syria

16 June 2017


Yasseen Faik, a designer with both Iraqi and Syrian heritage has commissioned 22 designers / studios to come together and produce ‘For Iraq and Syria’ – a thought provoking poster series to raise awareness and debate. With the partnership of Grey Jam Press the pieces are great examples of stimulating contemporary typography and illustration.

You can see and buy all the prints here.

The Many Lives Of Erik Kessels

15 May 2017


Erik Kessels is a man of many obsessions – his main one being photography. If you’re ever lucky enough to be in his company he’ll no doubt show you his latest photography project or rare album find. His new book celebrates many of his projects in one place.More Info


3 May 2017


Founded in 2005 mono.kultur is an interview magazine dedicated to one conversation per issue and each feels as precious as the last. Within every edition readers are privy to fascinating conversations with innovative artists, designers, musicians and filmmakers. Join us for the Launch of Issue number 43 with Fatima Al Qadiri. More Info